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Curran Calligraphy

Welcome to the enchanting world of bespoke calligraphy, where Edward Curran, a seasoned professional based in Florence, crafts personalized experiences that transcend the ordinary. With over thirty years of mastery, Edward is your dedicated guide to transforming your moments into timeless treasures.

As a distinguished calligrapher, Edward Curran specializes in delivering bespoke services tailored to elevate your special occasions. Whether it's the allure of meticulously handcrafted wedding stationery, the enchantment of envelope calligraphy that sets the tone for anticipation, or the immersive experience of workshops unlocking the secrets of this ancient art, Edward seamlessly weaves creativity into every project.

Having lent his artistic touch to illustrious events like the Cannes Film Festival and royal weddings, Edward is renowned for infusing sophistication into each stroke. His work, adorning international currency, stands as a testament to precision and prestige, ensuring that your bespoke calligraphy reflects not just an art form but an embodiment of your unique narrative.

Copperplate calligraphy on invitation in beautiful Tuscan setting with flowers

Step into a world where each commission is a personalized journey, where wedding stationery becomes a visual ode to your love story, envelopes unfold as elegant prologues, and workshops open doors to the captivating realm of calligraphy. Edward Curran invites you to embrace the bespoke, where your visions are transformed into masterpieces that resonate with the essence of your most cherished moments. Welcome to a realm where sophistication meets individuality, and where Edward's artistry becomes the brushstroke that paints your memories with unparalleled grace.